There is a great, calm sea of consciousness. All waveless, still and tranquil. It knows no modification, no manifestation, no duality, no whirl. It stands alone, isolated, pure and infinite. To that Kaivalya, the corridor of enlightenment (meaning of Kaivalya) may you all rise on the banks of Ganga.

Fire ceremony (Havan)

Yoga courses in India

Welcome to Kaivalya Yoga! Kaivalya Yoga School provides an intensive, fully residential and internationally certified 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training in India. We also conduct one week and two weeks yoga retreat in Rishikesh to rejuvenate and relax yourself in the midst of nature. These traditional yoga courses in India set the foundation for a well-rounded yoga practice that will bring you benefits for the rest of your life.

Our Dedicated yoga teachers share their expertise on all aspects of yoga – Shatkriyas, asanas, pranayamas, meditation, mudras, bandhas, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology of hatha yoga, mantra chanting, bhagvad gita etc. in our yoga courses. It helps you to understand yoga as a complete practice, not just as a physical exercise.

We receive students and guests from all across the world. We are sensitive to the differences in culture, language and traditions in all parts of the world. Our motto Samtvam Yoga Uchyate literally means “Yoga is equanimity” and you will experience this during your stay with us.

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Yoga Teacher Training In India

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Yoga Retreat In India

Yoga Teacher Training

Upcoming 200 Hour

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

  • 7th of July’19 to 2nd Aug’19
  • 7th of Aug’19 to 2nd Sep’19
  • 7th of Sep’19 to 3rd Oct’19
  • 7th of Oct’19 to 2nd Nov’19
  • 7th of Nov’19 to 3rd Dec’19
  • 7th of January’20 to 2nd of February’20

Upcoming 200 Hour

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

  • 24th of June’20 to 20th July’20
  • 24th of July’20 to 19th Aug’20
  • 24th of Aug’20 to 19th Sep’20
  • 24th of Sep’20 to 20th Oct’20

Kaivalya Yoga Training Programs Offer

A comprehensive program:

Equal emphasis on all aspects of yoga to help you understand yoga as a complete practice and not just as an exercise.

A masterful balance of traditions and science offering one of the best yoga teacher training in India

All inclusive fee structure:

All the facilities which someone needs to have the training program as a memorable experience are included in the fee.

There are no hidden charges.

Small group /Ltd. No. of Students:

One to One approach and attention to every participant because we take limited intake of students in our yoga courses.

Healthy ratio of teachers and students.

Experienced yoga teachers:

Our teachers lead by examples of their vast learning under their respective gurus in different ashrams and well experienced to share their knowledge.

The teaching ensures a cohesive understanding of the course content, techniques and practical application of the learning in daily life.

Practical Knowledge:

Kaivalya yoga teachers have devoted a great deal of time to develop it’s course content and systematic approach.

We share the comprehensive content in a practical way that you can easily integrate into your modern day living.

An opportunity:

To learn yoga in India, the origin place of yoga.

To rediscover and know yourself better.

To help others as an international yoga teacher anywhere in the world.

Our Yoga Gurus

Amit Kaushik


Acharya Vimal


Chitrangana Rawat


Ravinder Padiyar

Yoga teacher training reviews

"The course is really well spread and a combination of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy and Ayurveda. When you see how much love and passion each and every teacher puts into their class it inspires you to soak up all the priceless information. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be the best version of myself and for igniting the desire to spread the LOVE and YOGA!!! MISS YOU!!!"
"The long days of training, the hours of sweat, the moments of laughter with our lovely colleagues and teachers made my 4 weeks at Kaivalya an unforgettable and enriching experience. In the magical vibes of the Himalayas, I have gained knowledge, strength and a sense of wonder. I wish to go back at any time."
" I liked asana clsass very much. The teacher gave me a lots of hint on techniques and how to handle the class also. His demonstration is always beautiful. l also loved meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting and ayurveda classes, the way they were taught in very easy and clear manner."
"I really enjoyed the stay at Kaivalya Yoga school. I am glad to have chosen this school, the organization of the program as well as the personnel efforts made it a unique time in Rishikesh. I really felt comfortable in the training and the time stayed with you all."
"My entire stay at Kaivalya Yoga school has been nothing short of amazing. I am so happy that I decided to come and learn yoga. This trip has changed my life and for that , I have to thank each and every one of the teachers. I will be back one day as long as you keep the peanut butter stocked (smily) ."
"The theory classes were very well combined with practical classes. The schedule of classes was perfect- so that we can practice and then fully understand the theoretical aspect of what we have just experienced. Sunday’s excursions were nice and we experienced a bit of Indian life style."
"I learned a lot, I now have a great foundation for my yoga practice and teaching. Over all great service, great food and great hosts and the days off were awesome."
"In all subjects, all the teachers seemed very knowledgeable. Everyone was patient and took the time and care to address and answer questions thoroughly. I would recommend this school and all of it’s teachers and accommodation to anyone interested. Thank you so much for this experience."
"The whole programme was really enjoyable. I would recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn all 8 limbs of yoga, not just poses. I really got a lot more than expected and I now I have a really strong base. It’s up to me to keep it moving forward."
"We had an indepth review of all pranayamas and meditation techniques we have covered, I was not expecting it but it’s definitely indispensable and makes me more confident. The view of mountains from the training location is amazing and priceless."
"Such a good mix of teachers, all of different personalities & teaching style, made these 4 weeks interesting throughout, I don’t remember having one bad class. The philosophy class almost blew my mind and was very informative and well structured."

An overview of 200 hrs. Yoga Teacher Training

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