About Kaivalya Yoga School

About Kaivalya Yoga School

Traditional Hatha Yoga school in India

Welcome to Kaivalya Yoga School!

At Kaivalya Yoga school, we lay no claims to a form of yoga. Yoga is not owned by anyone. It’s not a brand or a self-styled way. We are only continuing ancient Indian yoga tradition in its pure import. Rather than copyrighting and propagating our own yoga system, we prefer to promote the ancient wisdom of the yogis. Ours is a yoga garden nurturing yogic traditions, some trees of yoga are very old, some new. We nurture all of them at the Kaivalya Yoga Garden. Our yoga gurus are gardeners! While we make no tall claims, we beg to differ and bow down to the earnestness that classical traditions demand. Our vision sets us apart from other yoga schools in terms of imparting yoga teacher training and offering yoga retreats, which makes us one of the best yoga schools in India. There are thousands of Yoga teachers, more will roll. But who’s the best? Well, at Kaivalya we’ll tell you, YOU ARE the best teacher. Yoga is self-perfection. This knowledge is not bequeathed, it must be unfolded in one’s being. We at Kaivalya just help you around to find yourself.

Vrikhshasana- Tree pose

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you achieve Kaivalya or a sense of absoluteness. This is a state Kaivalya– waveless, still and tranquil. It knows no modification, no manifestation, no duality, no whirl. It stands alone, isolated, pure and infinite. To that Kaivalya, the corridor of enlightenment, we help you rise on the banks of Ganga.

Our Mission

At Kaivalya Yoga, we provide the highest quality yoga instructions, drawn from thousands of years of traditional yoga across the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to sharing the full meaning and purpose of yoga with our students, not only limited to the practice of asanas, but also integrating essential, ancient yogic practices. Our students develop the correct knowledge and methods to harmonize the mind, body, spirit and psyche (emotions).

Ek pada asana- balancing posture

Why Should You Choose Kaivalya Yoga School

The abundance of yoga centers in India makes it difficult for students to know where they can find high-quality yoga teachers, right atmosphere and authentic knowledge to study yoga in India. Before enlisting for any program, there are sure parameters to meet the reason for going to the program. There are a few focal points which will help you in making a more informed decision to choose this one of the best hatha yoga schools in India.

Internationally Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

Certified yoga courses in India

Registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International Recognized by Govt. of India Build a strong foundation for you to start your career as a certified yoga instructor anywhere in the world

Small batches of students:

Our emphasis is always on quality over quantity Upto 15 students in one programme so that ample attention can be paid to every student. One-on-one approach, helping students with correct alignment, correct muscle engagement, correct breathing, etc.

We preserve the tradition of Yoga:

We strongly abide by the classical vision of yoga described in the great works on yoga: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and old scriptures of Hatha yoga – Gheranda Samhita, Shiv Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika etc.. Our deep commitment towards the great works of the past does not contradict with the modern approach to yoga. We highly honor modern authors, researchers, scholars, and masters like H.H.Swami Sivananda Saraswati, H.H.Swami Satyananda Saraswati, H.H. Swami Yogananda, H.H. Swami Rama, Shri B.K.S.Iyenger etc.

We cover all aspects of yoga in our curriculum

We provide a quality yoga teacher training for Hatha yoga courses in India to make you a competent yoga teacher Provide an understanding of all aspects of the authentic and ancient traditional yoga. Yoga is not just asanas (postures) but has many other aspects also. We emphasize on them in our yoga teacher training program

Practical approach of teaching method:

Yoga is not just theoretical knowledge, but rather practical wisdom. Instead of simply lecturing, our teachers demonstrate how you can use yoga knowledge practically. You’ll have practice sessions every day in the presence of the teachers

We are based at the very foothill of spiritual energy:

Rishikesh (India) holds the title of the world’s yoga capital, the home of many ancient and world renowned ashrams like Maharishi Yoga Ashram and Sivananda Ashram etc. Rishikesh is a serene and peaceful place to study yoga in India where you begin the Himalayan journey of self-realization. Kaivalya Yoga School is based at the very foothill of spiritual energy. Right places have right energy conducive to your success.

All inclusive yoga teacher training

The course fee includes : Exclusive accommodation (not sharing or dormitory) All meals All study material related to program Shatkarma kit Yoga mat Weekend excursions

Teaching methodology:

You will have the opportunity to lead the class in the presence of the respective teacher. The simultaneous learning and teaching experience gives confidence of application of the acquired knowledge.

You will learn yoga combined with yoga therapy

The scientific researches have brought the therapeutic benefits of yoga This added advantage of practicing yoga is part of our curriculum as yoga therapy You will be able to apply yoga more practically as therapy also.