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About Kaivalya Yoga School, India

There are thousands of Yoga teachers, more will roll. But who’s the best? Well, at Kaivalya Yoga school we’ll tell you, You are the best teacher. Yoga is self-perfection. This knowledge is not bequeathed, it must be unfolded in one’s being. We at Kaivalya just help you around to find yourself. Kaivalya Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International registered yoga school in Rishikesh (India) offering fully residential, traditional Hatha Yoga teacher training course. The course is focused on imparting quality & high standard education to aspiring Yoga students from all over the world. Kaivalya Yoga School is located in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. We strongly believe in the yogic traditions passed down since ancient times, and our teaching emphasizes practices like Mudras, Bandhas, Yoga Nidra, as well as many traditional Pranayamas and Meditation techniques. Our purpose is to teach our students how to develop proper harmony of their body, mind, and psyche (emotions) through the practice of asanas, pranayamas, and dhyana. We are a dedicated yoga teaching team with more than 30 years of cumulative experience and expertise in traditional yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

The meaning of Kaivalya

We are inspired from the classical tradition of Kaivalya, the Absolute. Kaivalya (कैवल्य), is the ultimate goal of Raja yoga and means “solitude”, “detachment” or “isolation”, a vrddhi-derivation from kevala “alone, isolated”. It is the isolation of purusha from prakṛti, and subsequent liberation from rebirth. Kaivalya is usually taken to mean liberation or enlightenment. However, the way in which “isolation” is a quite effective term is that pure consciousness or purusha is now standing alone, separate from all of the manifestations of prakriti, including literally all of the manifestations or swirling of all levels of the mind field. We believe yoga is deeply personal and individual. You have to work on yourself in isolation and create the conditions of kaivalya.

“The land north of Gangadwar is known to the wise as Paradise Ground. Apart from this land, the rest is called Earth elsewhere.” - Kedarkhand, Skanda Purana

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you achieve Kaivalya or a sense of absoluteness. This is a state Kaivalya-- waveless, still and tranquil. It knows no modification. No manifestation. No duality. No whirl. It stands alone. Isolated, pure and infinite. To that Kaivalya, the corridor of enlightenment, we help you rise on the banks of Ganga.

Focused Learning

Kaivalya Yoga School is more focused on quality than quantity. We restrict the number of students upto maximum 15 in our batches so that due individual attention can be given in the class for theory and practice. All aspects like the teaching faculty, accommodation, food, study material are especially taken care of for each student. We do so to fulfill our mission of sharing the correct knowledge to those hungry for it – the true seekers from around the world, who want to walk on this beautiful path and utilize this beautiful science as a vehicle to transform their lives and those of others.

Our Philosophy about Yoga

Yoga is not owned by anyone. It’s not a brand or a selfstyled way. It is a tradition. At Kaivalya Yoga school you learn the traditions of yoga as they have been passed down in the hidden parts of the Himalayas for many millennia. Our vision sets us apart from other yoga schools in terms of imparting yoga teacher training and offering yoga retreats. Kaivalya Yoga School is completely dedicated to the authentic, true traditions of yoga. We share the true and authentic knowledge learnt from our Gurus in their holy presence, as well as that drawn from the most reliable sources like Hatha yoga pradipika, Shiv Samhita, Gherand Samhita etc. so that our participants can develop an approach towards yoga as a complete practice to achieve it’s real purpose and can understand yoga in it’s true light and meaning.

We try to put you through multi-dimensional body-mind-spirit training to attain heightened degree of non-attachment and teach you the art of release from the gunas, so that their purpose is finished and gunas recede in perfect equilibrium… into that from which they arose. This is the true going back to the basics. This is a journey into the process of the isolation (kaivalya) of pure consciousness (purusha).

Our Mission

At Kaivalya Yoga, we provide the highest quality yoga instruction, drawn from thousands of years of yoga traditions across the Indian subcontinent. We are committed to sharing the full meaning and purpose of yoga with our students, not limited to the practice of asanas, but also integrating essential, ancient yogic practices such as Shatkarmas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and meditation. Through our internationally certified yoga teacher training course and restorative yoga retreats, and our students develop the correct knowledge and methods to properly harmonize the mind, body, spirit, and psyche (emotions).