Aum – Scientific Research and Therapeutic Benefits!

Aum is written or pronounced three ways- Aum, Om or even as Omkar. Whenever we see Aum, we experience peace, calmness, devotion, and respect in our mind. A few decades back, Aum was surrounded by mystical notions and myth but like all other aspects of yoga, a lot of scientific research has been done by different institutions on Aum chanting also and some amazing therapeutic benefits have been found and published in various scientific journals.
When Aum is chanted in a lower pitch and prolonged manner, the attention turns inward, attention fluctuation is reduced and the concentration is also improved. It also helps in reducing blood pressure and heart rate also. In short, when Aum is chanted in a low pitch and prolonged manner, it produces parasympathetic predominance and brings about calmness and peace.
When Aum is chanted in a higher pitch, the heart rate and the muscular tension at the chin as well as the “cortical arousal” increase. In short, it leads to sympathetic predominance and there is a sensation of nervous excitation. When Aum is chanted in a low pitch, the duration of Aum decreases but when Aum is chanted in a higher pitch, the length of chanting increases by a few seconds.
There are other therapeutic benefits also if Aum is chanted 20 times in the morning and evening regularly for some time. It’s helpful in reducing anxiety, depression, hypertension etc. and improves emotional stability, sleep pattern and mental peace etc.
In case of children, the memory and IQ have been fond improved after Aum recitation. Their perception power also improves as the nervous system is influenced by the vibrations and resonance of Aum.
These are some of the therapeutic benefits of Aum chanting and it clearly shows that what used to be considered as mystic has got the strong reasons to satisfy your logical mind also all because of scientific studies done in last few decades on yoga. What is stopping you now to make Aum chanting a part of your daily practice, let’s start from today only.

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