“The better your practice, the brighter you flame up as it is well known that A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLED SAILOR.”
Yoga journey is a transformative experience and yoga teachers being the secret society of warriors. Yoga teacher training provides an opportunity to learn techniques that are hard to understand simply from taking classes. Yoga teacher training programme gives you an opportunity to understand yoga as a complete practice and to shed the limiting beliefs and values we have about ourselves.
Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification at various centers in India provide a thoroughly transforming experience which incorporates yoga training into a student’s daily lifestyle. It takes yoga practices to a more meaningful level and helps you acquire the ability teach others about the wonderful benefits of Yoga. Attending yoga TTC offers a deepening of knowledge and inner inquiry as the basis for a good yoga teacher in several aspects of yoga, from asanas to kriyas through philosophy and anatomy, with an accent on teaching practical and methodology and a greater depth of self-understanding for the dedicated being. This challenging nature of this program offers the opportunity for optimum growth and transformation.

The Karma Yoga prepares the person for the acceptance of knowledge of the Self. Ignorant or over-enthusiastic students jump at once to Gyan Yoga, without first having a preliminary training in Karma Yoga. Yoga Teacher Training programs aids up to guide the path of these students with proper collaboration of all types of physical levels together, to learn from each other’s different body types, injuries, flexibility levels, and strengths, hence to deepen the physical practice. Well explained in Bhagwat Gita,
Yogasthah Kuru Karmani Sangam Tyaktva Dhananjaya
Sidhyasidhyoh Samo Bhutva, Samatvam Yoga Uchyate.
One should perform action having a union with the Divine, renouncing attachments, and balanced evenly in success and failure. This equilibrium is entitled Yoga.” Gita: Chapter II-48
Learning some life skills can be an added advantage by attending a registered yoga teacher training program course on better awareness of your body. As a result, ability to self-regulate or better cope with their big emotions and feelings.
The plus point of being a part YTT program is that one gets a yoga family who stays connected for years. While being enlightened deep into the spiritual and physical practice, yoga TTC also supports the journey of those being around and create a support network. The memories and unique connections stay for a lifetime and enrich all aspects of personal life.

Yoga TTC can help encourage the aspirants to embrace a healthy
yogic lifestyle usually consisting of a simple organic whole, simple, fresh and nutritious food such as rice, beans, lentils, chapatti or Indian bread, veggies, soup, etc. The purpose of these dishes is to experience pure and simple taste while maintaining high nutrition value.
The training schedule helps to practice tolerating the consequences of being our self by challenging oneself mentally and physically. Initially our mind is in a million pieces and body as a whole but as with the completion of this yoga training certification, we master our body as a million pieces and our mind as a whole. Yoga serves in exploring spirituality by letting the aspirant shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners and helps to quiet the mind and adapt to our true selves. TTC helps in awareness to provide the means to live a conscious lifestyle and focus on what matters most.
As a yoga teacher, practical communication skills needed to be soft and fluent. Yoga Teachers Training Program encourages to share ideas and suggestions, listening to each other and speaking in a group, hence building confidence and communication skills. Teaching underlines patience, perseverance, and in-depth knowledge. Yoga teacher training in India lays the foundation of being focused, relish the peace, self-awareness, stress management and knowing the power of your breath.
The body hears everything that the mind says!!! If you can fade this illusion that you are separate and experience the oneness of existence, which is yoga. The physical practice of yoga tire-up the body out and pushes to go beyond our limits. Despite being tired, believing in one’s strength to continue trying to perfect the new yoga postures with the right skill as well said, “I bend so I don’t break.” Being perfect in yoga theory and practical doesn’t mark that one can be a good teacher too. But using this power to develop a unique teaching style that is authentic and mindful can make a positive impact on your life and strive to pay it forward to your own students.

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