Meditation on Heart Chakra: The Possibility of “Unconditional Love”

Ages have passed and people have entered into the era of science and technology. Though brain goes with science and practicalities of life but we shall not forget that man is a social animal. He needs love, care and respect and compassion to survive on this human planet.

A man with beautiful heart brings glory to his family and his nation worldwide. Henceforth, our yogis of this spiritual country have always emphasized upon purity of body, mind and soul. As the word “purity” is usually overstated, it shall be made clear that purity here does not mean final stage of pure form but necessarily means a journey from wounded, impure heart to its pure form of existence. Purity here refers to an intention to work upon your inner self for more clarity of thoughts, vision and understanding about your own self.

As we begin and practice more in this process, our emotions gets filtered from deeper harsh emotions like hate, guilt, fear which is rooted inside our subtle level of existence and channelling more positive emotions of acceptance, forgiveness, unconditional love into your life.

Meditation upon your heart chakra is simple but yet powerful technique to open your heart for unconditional love and positivity.

Let’s explore this beautiful 15 minutes meditation process:

1. Find a comfortable place where you can sit and meditate peacefully without any disturbance
2. Take 3 deep breaths. Breath should be slow and steady.
3. Now concentrate upon your incoming and outgoing breaths.
4. Assume with each outgoing breath, you are exhaling tension, heaviness, stress, negativity from your mind and body and with each intake of breath; you are inhaling more positivity, calmness and peace in your mind and body.
5. With every breath, you are feeling lighter and lighter like a feather,
6. Continue it for five minutes
7. Now bring your consciousness to your heart chakra and chant “Om” for at least 5 Minutes. This will cleanse your heart chakra and will open it for receiving positivity.
8. Now, repeat the following affirmations for 3 minutes.

“I Love myself and I Love everyone”
I forgive myself and I forgive everyone”
“I am positive, happy and balanced in all aspects of my life”
“I bring more happiness to myself and everyone around me”

9. Now feel the vibration of calmness, peace in and around your body for around a minute or two.
10. And rub your hands and bring them upon your eyes. Feel the warmth of it.
11. Gently open your eyes and be thankful to God and this time and space to give you this opportunity to be within yourself during this meditation.
Source: Kaivalya Yoga School, India

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