Tadasana : Strengthens Your Inner Core and Stability

Tadasana, the most fundamental asana for all the standing asasnas brings enormous benefits with its regular and discipline practice. With the right technique and continued practice, Tadasana can help you heal many of your health problems as well as boost fitness aspect of your total being. We can highlight following benefits from Tadasana

1. Tadasana strengthens whole muscles and nerves of body. Special stretch can be felt at back, neck and shoulder muscles, calf muscles, quadriceps, ankles, toes and feet. This stretch releases stiffness from the body and strengthens it at all levels. Problems in these area are also cured with this asana like back pain, shoulder pain, weak legs, sictica.

2. Tadasana works upon our inner stamina and physical weaknesses. Our core and physical strength can be regained through this asana

3. This asana stimulates abdominal area and internal organs which helps in improving digestion and helps in healing digestive disorders

4. It releases blockages in spinal nerves making it more flexible and healthy.

5. This asana is good for improving mental and physical stability and helps in increasing concentration power

6. If practiced in childhood during growing stage, it helps in increasing height and full growth of body

7. This asana helps in making base for practicing advance asanas and hence is also known as preparatory asana for beginners

8. This asana is good for respiratory disorders as it gives a good stretch to respiratory organs facilitating more flow of oxygen and blood in them

9. Helpful to pregnant ladies up to first 6 months as it tones up abdominal muscles.

1. In case of headache, dizziness one should avoid doing this asana
2. Poor strength in knee, legs should perform this asasna under expert yoga trainer
3. People suffering from the low blood pressure shall practice under expert guidance
4. People with problem of trembling should practice this asana in lying position.
Source: Kaivalya Yoga School

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