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Corporate Yoga Classes, India

A healthy body resides in healthy mind. A healthy mind comes from regular exercise, meditation and balanced lifestyle. Kaivalya Yoga School offers best corporate yoga classes both nationally and internationally.

Our corporate yoga classes are purely customized in accordance with the need and demand of the present scenario amongst employees working in corporate sector.

According to various researches in India, it has been found that stress disturbs the metabolic system of the body which increases the risk of diabetes, high B.P, high cholesterol and other vulnerability to diseases.

We have designed our classes in such a way that can help both the employees and the organization in manifolds.

Benefits for Employees
  • Management of Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Easy to practice yoga practices to deal with fatigue, body pain and other health issues.
  • Increase in Problem Solving skills
  • Increase in working efficiency and productivity in return.
  • Increase in use of mental faculties like memory, concentration, intelligence, intuition power
  • Increased level of Immunity power
  • More Energy level in Mind and Body and Soul.
Benefits for Organization
  • Higher level of satisfaction amongst Employees.
  • Decrease rate of staff absenteeism.
  • Increase in Productivity.
  • Decrease rate of recruitment cost on hiring new employees
  • More vibrant and positive environment at workplace.
  • More Goodwill of organization amongst employees, society and nation.