Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga in India

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A healthy body comes from regular exercise, meditation and balanced lifestyle. Kaivalya Yoga School offers best corporate yoga classes both nationally and internationally. Kaivalya Yoga School is a prominently established traditional Yoga School in India. Now it’s stepping forward towards the corporate world to prevail an energetic and healthy lifestyle everywhere. We believe in benefitting our clients by creating a stress free working environment both externally and internally by employing one of our divine and potential old proven system called yoga. As we all know that ‘ A good soul resides in a sound body followed by a cherished mind’. Yoga improves the physical, mental and emotional health of an individual by providing inner peace and purity. Our corporate yoga classes are purely customized in accordance with the need and demand of the present scenario amongst employees working in corporate sector.

Why Corporate Yoga with Kaivalya Yoga School?
Yoga Practice beyond the asana

We aim to approach towards a healthy lifestyle in a holistic manner. We understand that Corporate Yoga classes are different from that of the traditional ones. In a corporate sector, people come from different gender, age, physical and mental strength etc. and the involved procedure of teaching should be neutral with a positive attitude and should spread impressive impact. Thus, we implement some of the finest methods to attract every corporate participant to attend the yoga session and fill the whole atmosphere with positive energy and enthusiasm. Basically, we focus on creating a unique wellness experience for your employees. Our agenda behind Yoga for corporate sector is to establish a healthier, happier, and more energetic culture to increase productivity that will indirectly support company’s benefits only. Also to rediscover and recollect your inner strength and passion that energizes you towards your karma and let you proceed efficiently and positively.

We have designed our classes in such a way that can help both the employees and the organization in manifolds.

Benefits for Employees

  • Management of Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Easy yoga practices to deal with fatigue, body pain and other health issues.
  • Increase in Problem Solving skills
  • Increase in working efficiency and productivity in return.
  • Increase in use of mental faculties like memory, concentration, intelligence, intuition power
  • Increased level of Immunity power
  • More Energy level in Mind and Body and Soul.

Benefits for Organization

  • Higher level of satisfaction amongst Employees.
  • Decrease rate of staff absenteeism.
  • Increase in Productivity.
  • Decrease rate of recruitment cost on hiring new employees
  • More vibrant and positive environment at workplace.
  • More Goodwill of organization amongst employees, society and nation.
Additional Benefits of Joining Kaivalya Yoga School for Corporate Sector?

Apart from the above quoted benefits, there are various other advantages one could get after engaging with our corporate yoga programme. Let’s spotlight the various basics yet remarkable advantages of Corporate Yoga:

Provides you happy and energetic employees who could extract more productivity for the company

Gives you a stress free working environment which waivers down the risk of sickness or any other disorder conditions

Improves concentration, decision making ability, prompt and steady replying capacity and encourages multi – tasking capability of the employees

Increments patience, good communication skills and a positive attitude of the employees to serve customers better. As we all know that customers are the base of every business and customer satisfaction should be the first priority of every business person

According to various researches in India, it has been found that stress disturbs the metabolic system of the body which increases the risk of diabetes, high B.P, high cholesterol and other vulnerability to diseases

Decreases absent mindedness, smartens personality and reduces employee turnover. And so on