Marjariasana: Yoga for Flexibility!

If you are aiming for a flexible body and want to feel a complete stretch in your spine, then Marjariasana is a best asana for you. You don’t have to pull or stretch so much in this asana which is out of your comfortable zone.  You can practice this asana easily and can feel the stretch in your spine, neck, shoulders easily.Marjarisasna, derived from two Sanskrit words “marjari” and “asana” meaning cat pose. This asana resembles cat posture and signifies flexibility which is hereditary in the genes of cat family. We can practice this asana with the following techniques:

1. Sit in Vajrasana
2. Raise your hips and stand on your knees
3. Bend forward and place your  hands on grounds in such a way they are parallel to your shoulders in position and in line with your knees and fingers stretching outwards
4. Both the knees shall be placed together or with some distance
5. This is the initial position. Now, while inhaling raise your chin up and head back to its maximum and push your spine downward. Hold this position for a while and take deep breaths for few seconds
6. And, then while exhaling, bring your chin close to your chest and arch your back up. Hold this position for a few seconds and feel the stretch in your spine.
7. This is one round. Continue it for five to ten rounds before coming out of this posture.

Popularly known as cat pose, this asana is profoundly practiced by yoga lovers and is one of the best asana for increasing flexibility of spine and releasing all the tensions tapped in neck muscles, shoulders and spine area. This asana is easy to do asana and bringing uncommon beneficial effects. We can benefit ourselves from this asana in a number of ways. These are:

1. This asana escalates flexibility in neck, shoulders and spine area
2. This asana stimulates both upper and lower chakras simultaneously. It stimulates crown chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra (comes under upper chakras) and simultaneously stimulates solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra (comes under lower chakras). Hence, best asana to work upon on all your chakras at one go.
3. This asana is highly beneficial for women related health issues such as thyroid, leucorrhoea and menstrual disorders.
4. It helps in strengthening reproductive organs in females. Hence it is beneficial to practice this asana for first six months of pregnancy.
5. This asana is good for people suffering from spondylitis and slipped disc.
6. This asana massages the digestive organs of body and helps in improving blood circulation of body.


1. Perform some preparatory asana before practicing this asana in order the gain maximum benefit of this asana
2. In case of head injury or strain in shoulder, neck area avoid doing this asana
3. If you are suffering from knee pain or injury in leg area, the also avoid doing his asana
4. Practice this asana according to your capacity and never stretch too much which can hurt your body.
5. Practice this asana slowly and with the flow of body. Hold this asana for a while in order to gain best results from this asana.
6. Practice this asana with correct alignment and under the right technique and guidance of an expert yoga teacher.


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