Why Corporate Yoga is getting so popular in India?

In today’s hectic and fast running world, stress and other mental health issues have become a very common factor. All human beings have really high stress level because of multi-tasking and we often neglect our health in this process. We realize it also and the memberships at the gyms increase on the eve of New Year every year to reduce our very own belly that often opens up the buttons of our T-shirts and sometimes used as a mini table also to hold a cup of tea or coffee. It is well known that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s when the sudden cognizance rings out the doorbell ultimately pushing us out to either join a gym or any other physical activity. But how many of us are able to maintain that resolve? Even we find constraints in that also like the time crunch, low motivation level, tiredness, Late nights etc. and the concern is- Is the physical health sufficient enough or  mental health is also equally important? We are not demeaning the value of physical health but the major concern is mental health in today’s scenario.

When we talk about working professionals, there is an invisible relationship between the job satisfaction and the stress level, where frequently there is an exponential gap between these two factors. We often tend to forget the very own proverb that is repeatedly taught to us during our school days “Health is Wealth”.

A lot of corporates have started realizing it and also have added employee perks by adding a gym area in their workspace or conducting yoga classes in their campus. The advantage of yoga over gym is that   Yoga is equally suitable for all age groups and genders, has its own benefits in n number of ways including reduced anxiety and stress level, higher physical energy and improved concentration etc.  thereby discovering your inner self and promoting a healthy work life balance. It helps you to enjoy your work more and thus better working environment in office.

Kaivalya Yoga School is an internationally recognized yoga school and after seeing keen interest shown by corporates, we have decided to launch corporate yoga in India. We will bring this ancient wisdom but scientifically proven system to your employees in your office only. On the basis of our experience, we have designed our corporate yoga classes in such a way that it will boost overall health i.e. physical as well as mental also among your employees.  It’s a win win situation for the employer as well as employees because of the immense benefits of the corporate yoga sessions in your work place like-

  • Provides you happy and energetic employees which could help in more productivity for the company.
  • A stress free working environment which reduces the risk of sickness or less absenteeism.
  • Improves concentration, decision making ability, prompt and steady replying capacity.
  • Enhances patience, better internal communication and a positive attitude of the employees.
  • A good physical and mental health helps in reduced employee turnover.


And so on…  so don’t hold back and step forward to prevail the energetic lifestyle and adapt to a more positive and impressive culture towards life and treat yourself and your employees by joining one of the finest Corporate Yoga in India.

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