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Work with us

Teachers- Kaivalya Yoga school is founded on very strong principles and our vision is to share yoga with others in it’s truest form and meaning as mentioned in the authentic texts and taught by real masters and gurus.

Kaivalya yoga School is always looking for the experienced teachers who have an experience of ashram life and yoga is not only a profession but a way of living for them. Who just not only preach but walk the talk and believe in yogic ethics and code of conduct.

Subjects- Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Physiology & Anatomy.

Karma Yogis- We are also looking for Karma yogis, who are willing to learn this beautiful science and have the desire to live and experience a yogi’s life. The person will have to do Karma seva like helping in the kitchen, cleaning, reception, marketing etc.


You should have the same vision about yoga which we have as our principal ideology is to share yoga traditions in it’s truest form and meaning. People with wrong intention or hidden purpose please avoid applying for any position. It will help you and us in saving our energy and time to utilize it for higher purpose.

  • Age – Min. 25 years and above
  • Language – English
  • Qualification – Master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, diploma in yogic science etc.
  • Rules – Should follow the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Duration – Min. 6 months


No drugs, no smoking in any form, no tobacco in any form, no alcohol in any form, no non vegetarian food in any form.
We will suggest you to go through the guidelines for the programmes conducted by us on our website. It will help you to understand our expectations from the participants, which will help you to understand our standards. Stiil if you are interested, please fill the application form below and submit

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