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Yoga Courses for Beginners in Dharamsala, India

About Beginners Yoga

Beginners yoga courses at Kaivalyayogaschool is your first step into the world of yoga.One of the most ancient forms of spiritual practices, yoga has recently seen a revival in the last decade and hence yoga course for beginners in India has become exceptionally popular. An ancient Hindu discipline, yoga, requires proper and methodical practice to get the best results. Thus yoga should be initially practised under proper guidance. Today’s health-conscious Indian has duly acknowledged the benefits of this 5000 year old exercise form and have gladly made it a part of their daily life.

Yoga evolved as a way to make one fit for spiritual practice with meditation being one of its primary objective and was more about the mind rather than the body in ancient history. In modern society, however, it has been transformed to become another form of exercise to strengthen your body and muscles. So any yoga course for beginners will hand you out a chart targeting your arms, legs, back etc. and different muscles of the body. But yoga has a rich history that does a lot more than just tone your body.

What are the benefits of Yoga for beginners?

Yoga is a complete exercise form that relaxes both your mind and your body. With its many asanas, Yoga not only helps to stretch and relax your specific body muscles but also to compose your heart and clear your mind from all the stress and tensions of everyday life. If practised correctly and regularly one can get everlasting results from this ancient form of lifestyle. Yoga has specific asanas for specific purposes and each asana is meant to serve more than one purpose. For example, the suryanamaskar is one of the most well-known yoga exercises and is the first exercise on the chart for yoga course for beginners in Dharamsala. Apart from helping to tone, stretch and relax your abdominal muscles, arms, legs, back, neck and spine, this asana with well-calculated breathing patterns also helps to increase your breathing capacity and thus boost your energy levels. Thus most forms of yoga asanas have far-reaching advantages externally and internally also. Some forms of Yoga like Pranayam, with its perfect seating and regulated breathing, helps to perfect your posture, relax your spine and also is very good for the heart and relax your mind.

The best part of Yoga is that it is for everyone. Yoga for beginners, however, can be a bit frustrating if you are looking to lose weight as it is an extremely slow process. But not giving up and sticking to the beginner’s yoga course is the key to getting long-term good results. Not dependent on any machines or high-end gadgets, yoga gives you slow, steady and long-lasting results unlike any other form of exercise. Because of its free-hand form of exercising, yoga course for beginners in Dharamsala is often cheap and affordable and thus makes it a popular and reliable form of exercising these days.

From the beginning of the 21st century, India has attracted travelers and health enthusiasts from all over the world to learn, master and yield the benefits of this ancient form of spiritual practice that has evolved through the ages. Indians themselves have become very enthusiastic and thus yoga classes for beginners in Dharamsala to Kanyakumari have cropped up to teach and preach yoga. The yoga course for beginners in India is the best introduction to yoga one can get and has a compilation of the most basic, rejuvenating and easy to do postures.

Yoga has undergone various transformation through the ages from the raja yoga to the tantra yoga. While Raja Yoga is the more classical form meant to attained moksha, tantra yoga evolved as a practice to increase life expectancy. But yoga for beginners in Dharamsala is somewhat a modernized version of Raja Yoga.

Yoga for beginners is usually best done three to four times a week. Mostly a compilation of easy and light postures, in the beginning, yoga for beginners in India or for that matter in any other part of the world should be practiced under expert guidance who can prescribe the best asanas for your needs and body and also see to it that they are being performed correctly. Yoga is also a slow-paced exercise form and maintaining that pace and breathing pattern is also useful in getting proper results. Breathing exercises are an important part of yoga course for beginners because if you do not know when to inhale and when to exhale you may end up feeling more stressed for an asana that was meant to relax you.

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