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Yoga Ethical Guidelines

The ethical code, also called Yamas and Niyamas in yogic literature, is an integral part of the practice, which extends to all aspects of a practitioner’s life. The purpose of these guidelines and code of conduct is to make sure that the entire program is conducted in very conducive atmosphere in tune with true yoga traditions.

  • Kaivalya Yoga takes a traditional approach to yoga so that students will come to understand the timeless wisdom that yoga manifests. All our teaching methods are designed so that ethical practices will be naturally understood by our students.
  • Traditional teaching, as in this course, may differ from that in the West. Students may even find fundamental differences in the understanding of yoga from that which they have learned in the West. This should be considered before students register for our programs. Students should be open-minded and willing to learn from the ancient traditions.
  • Modified exercises that go by the name of yoga are discouraged by Kaivalya Yoga. Yoga is not a fitness regime, but rather a lifestyle and spiritual path.
  • Students who apply for the teacher training course or yoga retreat at Kaivalya Yoga must be willing to commit to the strict regimens as in the course schedule. These are based on age-old timeless principles of Yoga.
  • Students should come with the attitude of learning this beautiful science of balancing. Students, who want to attend the program only for certification, kindly avoid attending our program.
  • We encourage introspection by students. If you have any strong queries appearing in your mind, we encourage you to introspect on it during your personal time and experience receiving the answers yourself. If you still have doubts you are welcome to discuss with the teachers with prior appointment or time kept aside for discussions.

Code of Conduct

  • The code of conduct has been designed to ensure that you attain maximum benefit from the course. Kindly adhere to these to allow yourself and others to experience the benefits.
  • Punctuality is a must. Late walk-ins will not be allowed in the class.
  • Absence from the classes without prior permission of the teacher or the administrative staff will be considered as gross indiscipline.
  • There is utmost emphasis on respect for teachers in yoga. Students should be respectful towards their teachers and any disrespect, misbehaviour or unnecessary arguments are not allowed. The teacher’s decision will be final in this regard.
  • During class, please pay attention to the teacher and maintain discipline. There should be no side talks or loose talks during classes.
  • If you have been practicing yoga for a long time or even if you are a yoga teacher, please come to attend the program as a student and with a learning attitude. We encourage healthy discussion, at the same time unnecessary comparisons or arguments are not welcome.
  • We have very limited time to cover our wide syllabus. If you have any particular questions, you can discuss after the class or can take appointment from the teacher to save the valuable time of other students.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in classes or yoga hall. Only drinking water is allowed.
  • A student must inform in advance if they intend to forgo a meal so that there is no food wastage.
  • Students should understand their physical capacity and listen to their body in practical classes. There should be no competitive attitude.
  • Guests or friends are not allowed inside the premises during the program.
  • Use of alcohol, smoking or non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited during the program. Anyone found using these substances inside or outside the premises, will be expelled from the program immediately without any refund of fee.
  • Please have an accommodating attitude towards other students. Do not indulge in unwanted ego clashes, arguments or gossips.
  • For any kind of discomfort, please contact the teacher or manager to resolve it.
  • Our participants come from different countries and cultures. It takes time to adjust to a new culture and environment. Have patience and be respectful towards everyone. Any disrespect towards teachers, other students or supporting staff will not be tolerated.

**Disrespect and non adherence to above mentioned guidelines and code of conduct could lead in termination of the studentship without any refund or part of fee.

Enforcing these guidelines enables Kaivalya Yoga to offer the best yoga in Rishikesh.


  • Any kind of prior experience or knowledge of Yoga will benefit you with the course although this is not required.
  • We will have to consider the health status of all applicants before granting admission. Please fill the admission form carefully.
  • Age of the applicants should be above 18 years.
  • Applicants above the age of 55 years will be required to provide medical certification as required by the school. Please contact the school for further details.

Evaluation and Certification

  • The classes will be conducted in English and you should be comfortable with the language.
  • Students should follow the daily schedule strictly and 95% attendance is a must to be eligible for the certificate.
  • Certificate will be issued only after overall evaluation of the student which includes attendance in the classes, performance in the practical and theory exams and behaviour in the program, inside and outside the class. It will be purely on the discretion of the school and after the assessment from all the teachers.

Refund Policy

  • The booking amount is non-refundable under any circumstances. In case of emergency or unavoidable exigencies, Kaivalya Yoga School, at its discretion, can allow you to participate in another teacher training or retreat program within the period of one year using the same booking amount. The fee of that particular program will be applicable on joining. We recommend that the applicants should carefully look at their obligations and other commitments before booking their seat.
  • Every student must pay the full fee before the start of the course.
  • Fee is non refundable or transferable under any circumstances.
  • Settle all dues before the end of the program.