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Guru is not a man, it’s a tradition. At Kaivalya Yoga, we strongly believe in providing the absolute highest quality yoga teacher training program. Mavericks and freewheelers have no place in yoga.But there’s space for originality and personal acumen.We adhere to traditions, and our teachers are blessed with the traditional knowledge garnished over many millennia of yogic practice. Our Yoga teachers have years of experience and the yoga school has different teachers for different subjects. The students enjoy best interaction with each other and with all teachers to learn better.

Director, Kaivalya Yoga

After ascending many corporate ladders for more than a decade, the search for the purpose and meaning of his life brought Amit Kaushik into the field of yoga and spirituality. The journey undertaken during the self-realization brought Amit in touch with some truly great spiritual leaders like Swami Dharmanand Jainji and Swami Rajpalji of Yoga Mahavidyalaya, and showed him the blessings of true and holy saints in Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh and Bihar School of Yoga, and Rikhia Ashram. Amit is trained in Hatha Yoga with exceptional teachers from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, in Pranayama with true master Swami Rajpalji, and Meditation with Swami Dharmanand Jainji. A true believer in yogic traditions and specialist in pranayama and meditation techniques including: Kapalbhanti, Suryabhedi, Anulom-vilom, Nadishodhan, Ujjayi, Bhastrika, Shitali, Shitkari, Bhramri, Mahavedi (pranayama) and Japa, Japa-Ajapa, Antermouna, Yoga Nidra, Om Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Healing Meditation (meditation). Amit Kaushik is the Director at Kaivalya Yoga with his best team of Yoga teachers in Rishikesh.

Teacher, Kaivalya Yoga

Acharya Vimal was born in a Brahmin family in Rishikesh, India located in the foothills of Himalaya along the holy banks of River Ganges. He has been practicing Yoga & Meditation for last ten years and has been teaching it for past seven years to national &international students. He studied under the guidance of H.H.Swami Veda Bharati, a direct disciple of H.H.Swami Rama of the Himalayas. He completed a three year study and training program at the Ashram. It included conceptual and applied knowledge of Indian philosophy focusing on yogic tradition and the yoga – sutras of Patanjali. It also included methodologies of teaching yogapostures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation techniques; plus scientific and medical approaches to Yoga.

Teacher, Kaivalya Yoga

Mr. Ravindra Padiyar is certified, highly qualified and experienced yoga teacher who specializes in teaching hatha yoga and has got a teaching experience of more than 8 years in India and internationally also. He has done his masters and post graduate diploma in yoga and is known for his profound knowledge of different aspects of yoga practice; substantial understanding of different alignment techniques and various yoga aspects, proficiency in the stepwise demonstration techniques of asanas. He is equally comfortable in teaching group yoga classes with students of different physical drill as well as in teaching students individually, designing programs for individual development with consideration of personal traits and aims.

Teacher, Kaivalya Yoga

She was first introduced to yoga in childhood under the able guidance of her esteemed guru Yogiraj Shri Rajpalji. Later she completed her 2 years yoga diploma from Yog mahavidyalaya, Bhayla. She has done post graduate diploma in yogic science from Dev sanskriti vishvavidyalaya,Haridwar.

She has got more than 8 years of experience in teaching yoga and has imparted her extensive knowledge on hatha yoga, pranayamas and meditation.

Teacher, Kaivalya Yoga

Dr. Usha Vaishnava is one the most renowned ayurveda doctor in Rishikesh. She has done her B.A.M.S. ( Bachelors of ayurvedic medical science ) from Kanpur university and Panchkarma specialization from Arya vaidyasala, Kerala. She has overall 20 years of experience as ayurveda consultant and panchkarma specialist. She has been lecturer of ayurveda and in-charge of panchkarma department in Himalayan ayurvedic college.