Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course, Rishikesh

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course, Rishikesh India

It is well known that Rishikesh (India) holds the title of the world’s yoga capital and rightfully so. According to old scriptures, Rishikesh is the place to attain higher states of mind through Yoga. The home of many ancient and world renowned best ashrams in India like Maharishi yoga ashram and Sivananda ashram, is none other than Rishikesh. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, with the Holy river Ganga flowing alongside sandy beaches, mystic waterfalls, ashrams, and Ganga aarti (fire ceremonies), Rishikesh is a serene and peaceful place. It is the perfect place to learn yoga in India and a place that many people will fall in love with.

Yoga In Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh has been a magnet for spiritual seekers, ever since the Beatles visited the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh yogi in the late 60s and composed their one of

the most popular albums” the White Album” during their stay in the ashram in Rishikesh. The whole place is full of positive, spiritual energy and is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to the attainment of Moksha, salvation. The exquisite setting on the holy river ganges flowing through the town, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive to meditation and mind expansion. In the evening, the breeze blows the down the valley, setting temple bells ringing as sadhus (spiritual men), pilgrims and tourists prepare for the evening Ganga aarti.

Kaivalya Hatha Yoga School, Best yoga in Rishikesh

Our Kaivalya Yoga School is located in Tapovan area in Rishikesh, India, just 5 minutes walk from Laxman Jhoola but in a very peaceful and serene environment, overlooking hills and forest. Our 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Course is just not the yoga certification course in India but it also exposes you to rich spiritual experience of lifetime! We make sure that you have the best yoga learning experience with our systematic and professional approach with one to one attention, you learn every aspect of yoga from the learned teachers, specialized for each aspect to gain the best possible knowledge in a very positive and safe atmosphere. We will take the best possible care of you during your programme by providing all facilities like private accommodation with all modern amenities, pure vegetarian food (Vegan & Glutton free option is also there) prepared in hygienic conditions and well-equipped yoga hall under one roof only so that you need not to waste your time and energy unnecessarily and you can concentrate on your training without any hassles. We also arrange extra- curricular activities like trekking, local sightseeing, river rafting (Depending on availability), visits to ashrams etc. in Rishikesh and nearby areas on every weekend to introduce you to local culture and traditions.

Kaivalya Yoga School Accommodation & Facilities, Rishikesh

200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Date & Fee Schedule for the
Year 2018 – 2019, Rishikesh

Start Date

7th July’19

7th July’19

7th July’19

7th July’19

7th July’19

End Date

2nd Aug’19

2nd Aug’19

3nd Oct’19

2nd Nov’19

3nd Dec’19


$ 1500 USD per person/$ 2800 USD for couple

$ 1500 USD per person/$ 2800 USD for couple

$ 1500 USD per person/$ 2800 USD for couple

$ 1500 USD per person/$ 2800 USD for couple

$ 1500 USD per person/$ 2800 USD for couple

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About Kaivalya Yoga School’s Yoga Teacher Training Course

What is included in the Yoga TTC Fee?

What makes your choice to attend our teacher training programme a unique experience is our all inclusive fee structure and the facility included:

Private Accommodation

(Not sharing or dormitory)

Outdoor Activities

All Meals and Tea

All Study Material,

Yoga Mat & T-Shirt

Tution Fee